Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Meals From The TAFE Restaurant...

I thought I would post up a couple more dishes that were made at The Mantle Restaurant for my Cookery Course...which comprises this term of menu planning, work flows...and each of us having a turn at being Head Chef for the night...superivizing the meals...calling them out as they come in...I have written more about this in my other blog ...I started this course as Non-Trade...and doing it as a way of meeting new people in our Sea Change...and also as we have a daughter with a disability I thought it would be a complete change for me to get out there!!! We are in a class of Apprentices who will be Chefs and all having such fun with it all. This one is Sirloin Steak served with Gratin Potato, Buttered Beans and Grilled Tomato...
Apple Crumble with Anglaise Sauce...

Chocolate Mousse...comparing to the Mousse in the last post...see how different people present their dish...

These are part of the menu that Team Member Jenny and I devised for the evening of 11 March 2009...the menu being...

Chilled Blue Swimmer Crab Open Ravioli
Peperonata and Goats Cheese Tart
Citrus Salad with Baby Spinach

Sirloin Steak above
Marinated Sesame Chicken with Egg Noodles
Tempura Fish Fillets and Watermelon Salsa served with Chip Potatoes and a Green Salad

Cherry Clafoutis with Cream
Apple Crumble with Anglaise Sauce
Chocolate Mousse

The Mantle is a Training Restaurant run by the College and paying customers come in from March until July while we all have our go at playing Head Chef...


  1. Wow, you really make some fantastic menu's! And it looks even better. Wish I could have been there and try all those dishes! Simone

  2. The apple crumble looks incredible, but i wish that I had been there to enjoy all of them.
    The display is wonnderful too!

  3. last hello from Ger, sorry this is a test from Simone