Monday, July 12, 2010

Lemon and Broccoli Soup

Recently I saw over at Vickis-bit-o-earth that she was going to pick some broccoli from her abundant Californian garden and turn it into soup...Vicki's post is over here...I immediately enquired of her the recipe and she said it was a Donna Hay one...I tried it and what an absolute treat it was!!!
Vicki and I regularly do a cook up from Donna Hay magazines and blog about it...
anyone can come and join's simple, just cook something from the magazine and then blog it!!!
Thank you so much for the heads up on this Vicki...I loved it!!!
English Spinach...

Sauteing leek...

Adding the leek to the broccoli...

I recently saw this bread mix and though I'd try it to have with the soup...

Using the dough hook...

in the oven...

Sliced into...texture is quite different to 'normal' bread as it is gluten free...

Not too long to wait...and the soup is absolutely delicious!!!

This soup is one of my Winter favourites...perfect with a glass of red!!!
For the recipe go over here...
Bon Appetit...Dzintra


  1. O.K., now broccoli AND spinach are my absolute favorite greens....I will have to try this one! AND...have you ever made cream of cauliflower soup? WOWOOWOWWWWW! Simple, elegant and so good, I could eat the whole batch....but what ill effects that would have on my system!!! EXCELLENT IDEA DEAREST! Anita

  2. I am not sure why I missed so many posts. Love your picture with the Paris bag. Lovely.
    And the Lemonade recipe I will give for Laura to make in this warm warm weather.
    The bread looks yummy. The soup has ingredients that are definitely not my favorite. But, it does look very very good.

  3. Like the look of lemon and broccoli soup. I need more soup recipe to warm us up. Love your photos, nice job - Hugs Nat

  4. Good morning dearest, or better yet for you, GOOD EVENING! Yes, cauliflower soup is in order here, especially if you have some tucked away for a few days....just take your leeks and GARLIC in some olive oil or butter, it is up to your taste, and sautée in a Dutch oven. Then add some chicken broth and cut up cauliflower. Bring to a boil and cook until cauli is soft. Remove from heat and put in a large food processor and soup it up; return to Dutch oven and add cream or whatever dairy product you wish (milk or skim milk, but it works well with canned EVAPORATED milk, non-fat) and then simmer. Add paprika and this is a great soup where you can embellish it as you wish...this is just the basic recipe. ENJOY my dear, dear friend! Anita

  5. That looks brilliant dzintra and so healthy but creamy too! And your bread looks like it would be the perfect partner for it! :D

  6. Good morning dearest! Oh, you tried the cauliflower soup!!! SOOOO GOOD! And next time, try the paprika AND sprinkle some parmesan cheese! Whatever you fancy with cauliflower, really....and don't forget a nice chunky slab of rustic bread to go with!!!

    Enjoy your evening dear one....Anita

  7. OH! ANd here I am again, the cauliflower queen....ROASTED CAULIFLOWER????? Take some cauli and steam it a bit. Toss with olive oil, GARLIC and parmesan. ROAST in oven until toasted. Yum follows. the last few minutes add some slivered almonds! Do you think I like cauliflower?

    :) Anita

  8. Oh Dzintra! Thank you dearest for your enthusiasm!!! I have been working on my article and I have to remind myself to just have fun...funny thing, when you are asked to do something like this, one tends to freeze! I need to put my love for writing and storytelling forward...but know that there is so much support, I will do it gladly! Let us lift our flutes of Pink Champagne dearest! Anita

  9. Thank you always dear Dzintra, for your kind words! Think of me today dearest, I have to see a doctor right away. Both my eyes are very, very red and bloodshot. No itching, no pain, but oozing stuff in the morning. It concerns me! Anita

  10. Thank you my dear friend...I called the nurse hotline to try to avoid going in to see a doctor...she said it sounds like broken blood vessels! They come who know why...maybe straining in lifting or coughing! I have been coughing with my allergies, so who knows! Now I feel so much better knowing this. My husband was told the same thing when he had it. Thank you for your sweet note!! must be asleep right now! Bisous, Anita

  11. Dzintra!!!! Oh yes, you know the children's book, BUNNICULA? That is what I looked like two days ago! My eyes are getting better, day by day!!!!! HEHEHEEEEEEEEE, it is comforting to know that it is common...I so fear going blind!

    Many wishes for a super evening! Anita

  12. Good morning, sweet friend! Oh, how I so appreciate your long trips from Down Under to my place up here in Minnesota! What a kind soul you know, my left eye is now PERFECT! Buy my right eye is stubborn! It was looking better yesterday,but is a bit sore....Oh nuts! I'm giving this peeper the weekend and if this continues to be tender by to see the doc!

    How are you spending your weekend, dearest? What's cookin'.....anything special? I have been making a very simple Coq au Vin with my thyme from the garden and an inexpensive white table cooking wine here, table wine. What a difference!

    Bon Apétit!!! Anita