Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome to My Dolce Vita!!!

Chocolate Mousse with Brandy Snap I made for The Mantle...our College Restaurant
18 March 2009
Hello...Dzintra here...just playing around at the moment and am working on creating a new blog...mainly because of my current Cookery course. The aim is to blog this Term's cooking at TAFE (Technical and Further Education) as we all are having a turn at being Head Chef which comprises of menu planning, supervizing, allocating jobs to class members, calling out meals etc as they come in. I'm having a lot of fun in this course, loving all aspects of it and would like to use this blog to put photos up here of our progress...

And I think in time...especially as the course finishes here I will add recipes that appeal to me...cookery books that I enjoy...places pertaining to food that I visit with my Hubby and Family...well, really anything relating to I hope to be back soon...


  1. Gotcha Dzintra Ingrid, nice new blog. It's a good idea to have a blog for just food. You would have a lot to share - Natima

  2. This is a test run comment. Dzintra has some problems with commmenting. Let's hope this work - Natima

  3. chocolate mousse and brandy snaps are yummy!

  4. Looking forward to your posts on this blog, Dzintra. The black makes it 'official' and fancy and I like that. Simone