Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Mantle Restaurant At TAFE...18 March

Hello...and welcome back to more of our Training Restaurant meals...
The menu was:
Warm Thai Beef Salad
Mussels Sailor Style
Forest Mushroom Risotto garnished with Shaved Parmesan
Seafood Parcel served on a Garden Salad with Tomato & Olive Salsa
Chicken Breast with Mini Pasties served on Creamed Leek and Kumara
Fillet Steak with Onion Marmalade and Red Wine Jus
Frangipani Flan Apricot & Almond Cream Flan
Creme Caramel topped with Chantilly Cream & Fresh Strawberries
Chocolate Mousse garnished with Brandy Snaps
Warm Thai Beef Salad...
Amuse Bouche...goat's cheese, fig, prosciutto
Cucumber, salmon, goat's cheese...

Mussels Sailor Style...

Petit Fours...Shortbread
I am really enjoying that I can blog our progress in this course...will be back with the next week's menus and phots from the class...
Thanks for stopping by...Dzintra


  1. Dzintra ~ those pictures could have been taken from a magazine. So professional, the way the food is placed on the plates. And all those names that go to it. I can almost taste it! Simone

  2. I'm trying this comment from my laptop. Does it wor???

  3. HEY, Dzintra, it actually worked, so now I can put a comment on your new blog! I'm so happy about that. I don't use this computer that often, though this is a reason to (O:
    Simone xo

  4. The display of the food is wonderful! I love shortbread. All of the food just made my mouth water!
    I just wish that I could have sampled it all!

  5. YUM YUM, The menu sounds scrumptious. I like the sounds of warm Thai beef salad and mussels sailors style. Actually I had Thai beef salad yesterday when DH took me to celebrate the opening of our books display. Will be back - Natima

  6. Nice blog Dzintra!
    Always a pleasure to read your journals. Having not quite a great day ....hospital and probably knee surgery, but I keeping my fingers crossed. At the moment I can't walk.Funnny ho sometimes we forget how good we have it.HAVE A LOVELY DAY AND HERE TODAY FEELS LIKE AUTUMN...GREY SKIES, SNOW AND RAIN,I GUESS A GOOD DAY TO STAY IN BED SICK!
    Hugs Annabelle

  7. Wow!! Look at how beautiful that food art is! :) The amuse bouche looks so refined, yet delicious and so satisfying.

    This blog is definitely one that's going to take off. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my petite baking blog! It truly made me smile and for adding me to your faves. I am now adding you to mine.

    So looking forward to seeing all your future posts.