Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apple and Strawberry Galettes...Entertaining with Donna Hay!!!

One of the best discoveries I have made since being gluten intolerant is Gluten and Wheat Free Pastry!!!
I couldn't resist making these Galettes from the Donna Hay Instant Entertaining Book...
The recipe is here and on the sidebar along with others...

The pastry is from The Pastry Pantry...more of which can be read over here
I was so excited to see this in the local supermarket!!!

Pastry rounds cut out...

Spread with Raspberry Jam and Almond Meal...

Apple Slices and Strawberries atop...

Out of the oven...and just soooo very very mooorish!!!

And just to finish off...this print brought home to me by Mr Dolce Vita...
all matching perfectly with the Paris plate above!!!
Bon Appetit and here's to more pastry!!!


  1. Yum..beautiful post..gorgeous and inspiring!! and a dazzling print..lovely!!
    have a magical day..

  2. Dzintra! I HAVE THAT SOME PLATE! But I do not have this recipe....tartlettes are so fun to make and with the fruits that are available these last days of summer, WOW, that would be a great send off to summer. Yummy as always chez toi!!!! Anita

  3. Hey sorry I missed this post for a few days. Looking yummy as always. I did try the pear on pastry the other days. It was yummy - Hugs Nat

  4. They look fantastic Dzintra! I didn't realise that they made gluten free and wheat free pastry! :o That's a great find :)

  5. Good morning.....Found you over at Kiki's......I love cooking blogs....we are traveling the U.S. at the moment and can't wait to get back to my real kitchen and try some of yours.