Friday, July 23, 2010

Floating Islands for Christmas In July!!!

It's Christmas in July at our house!!!
JoJo just loves every celebration, and she has taught us so much on how to celebrate any occassion !!!
Here in Australia Christmas in July is becoming widely celebrated...
and we had our own little celebration last weekend!!!
A very popular classic French dessert known as Ile Flottante is very popular in Latvia also where it is known as Peldosa Salas
To read more about this classic dish...go over here

Floating Islands has various names according to each are a few...

French :
île flottante
German :
Schnee-Eier ("snow eggs")
Polish :
zupa nic
Austrian :
Hungarian :
madártej ("bird's milk")
Croatian :
schneenockerln, šnenokle
Romanian :
lapte de pasăre ("bird's milk")
I saw this gluten free fruit cake mix and thought JoJo could help prepare this...
it came with it's own custard mix but we didn't try it...
the prepared mix was choc-full of fruit...and once made up was quite nice...
to make it tastier I added some brandy...cherries and almonds...
Here it is in our oven...

and ready to slice up...

Making the Custard Sauce...
Scald milk and vanilla, add sugar

beating egg whites...

and here they are...
the poached egg white on Custard Sauce...
Recipe from my Mum...Mum's Floating Islands
  • 4 eggs, separated
  • pint of milk (2 C)
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 t sugar
  • 1/4 C sugar, extra, if desired
  • vanilla

  • Beat egg white with a pinch of salt
  • (I also added 1/4 C sugar) Mum prefers no sugar
  • Beat the egg yolks lightly together with sugar
  • Scald the milk and vanilla
  • Place spoonfuls of beaten egg white into milk
  • Turn a couple of times and take out with slotted spoon
  • Drain whites
  • Add egg yolk to milk and stir till it comes to just under boil
  • Rinse dish with cold water
  • Put custard in and then spoon in egg white
Note: This is more a sauce than a custard...but oh so delicious!!!
There are many variations on the net...
Creme Anglaise can also be made...or your favourite custard recipe...
Happy Christmas in July...and Bon Appetit!!!
Thanks Mum!!!


  1. Happy Christmas in July dear friends! It looks like you all had a lovely day. The menu is mouth watering ummmms - Hugs Nat

  2. OMG....this looks so fabulous, Dzintra! YUM! And perhaps I should run over and get some of that pink bubbly NOW! Maybe that is what my eye needs!!!! CHEERS TO YOU DEAREST, DEAREST FRIEND! Oh, enjoy those ILES FLOTTANTS!


  3. if i drop tomorrow (saturday) would there be any left?

  4. I LOVE fruit cake! Sometimes my sister brings me some from England, if she is here with Christmas. Hope she will be here this year (not just for the fruit cake ;o)

  5. Yummy Yummy food on these pages , good food nothing better.

  6. GOOD MORNING Dzintra! Or better yet for you, GOOD EVENING! Oh, what a fun Saturday I had....I never made it to my computer yesterday! OH! I LOVE THE NAME JACQUELINE for my little dolly. Thank you sweet one for writing in French! Aren't Nancy's photos just wonderful?

    And I raise my pink bubbly to you this evening,in honor of GOODNESS, FRIENDSHIP, KINDNESS AND LIFE!!!

    Bisous, Anita

  7. And it is always an honor to have a visit from you, from so far away my dear! Christmas in very, very fun!!!! Yes, Peter and Friends are so darling. I so love keeping such lovelies to find when I open a drawer....memories of a kind friend sending such sweet things...the feel of the wonderful fabric, and the colors. I just saw a sweet little rabbit in my garden today trying out the thyme; he didn't like it and started to devour the weeds. THAT A BOY! GO FOR IT! :)

    Blessings, Anita

  8. Happy Christmas in July Dzintra! What a lovely way to celebrate. What did you think of that Christmas cake mix?

  9. Dzintra ..looks all to yumo to me my friend

  10. Ahh oui, JACQUELINE! C'est si beau!!!! Bisous, Dzintra! Anita

  11. Good evening dear Dzintra! Oh yes, the name Jacqueline is sooooo French! How is your winter coming along? We are having the most lovely summer here...most of the northern hemisphere is experiencing the hottest summer, but here in Minneapolis, it has been very mild, allowing us to go out and not feel overwhelmed by the heat.

    Enjoy your week dearest! Anita