Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Dinner!!!

Here I am...back after 4 days of wonderful birthday celebrations and being utterly spoiled...what more could a gal ask for...I hope you had a wonderful one as well MichCherieI made my own cake...a gluten free Harry Potter buttercake...complete with jelly beans...little chocolate chips...and yep...they're gluten free as well together with chocolates to indulge the sweet tooth in us all...
Can't help it...I am a fan of Harry Potter...I bought rubbers, colouring books, pens, scrapbook, folder...even handed one of my assignments in my cookery course in a Harry Potter folder!!!

Following on from last we are at Waterview at lunchtime...our table overlooking the well known Clyde River...well known for some of the cleanest oysters on the East Coast of Australia...

I didn't get our lunch pics as Fiona and I were too busy indulging...our Host very generously gave me...with compliments...a small bottle of bubbly...
Here is my Dessert...Mascarpne Cream with Poached Pears and Sesame Tuille...scrumptious...and complete with a gold candle!!!

And Vodka and Lime Tart...

Thank You Mitch for looking after us so well!!!

I bought myself this fabulous book...

Dinner the following evening at On The Pier

Tempura Prawns, Spiced Plum Sauce and Lemon

One of the meals...Char Grilled Beef

Greek Salad...

Fat Chips with Lime Aioli... beans, first look I thought they were accompanied by potatoes but they were the sweetest stickiest onions...

Sticky Rice with Mint Anglaise Sauce...

And at the end of it all this wonderful Happy Birthday on a plate...
this tasted like an apple sauce...and very yummy!!!
Thank You for looking after us so well!!!
There are a few more food pics on my other blog if you want to check it out...just click here
This is one of the best birthdays I have had...and now I sound like a big kid!!!
It's back to my course next week to do more at the Training Restaurant...till next time have a lovely week...Dzintra ♥


  1. Dzintra, looks scrumptous! The vodka and lime tart looks yummy and interesting! I'd love to have a taste of that one! So glad you had a great birthday!!!


  3. Happy Birthday! That food looks amazing!

  4. Yes, I've seen your new blog before. But since I'm on a restricted eating plan, now that I've had heart artery stents... It's too hard for me to look at all this beautiful food. :-)

    Since I no longer can indulge, thus.......

    'Alice's Aunt'

  5. I do love the fish chips...I haven't had them in a long time...will have to get some with the Chinese meal that I plan on having for my birthday in June. I never heard of that sauce that was made with the chips. You will have to tell me how it is made. It sounds interesting!

  6. Dzintra!
    I hope you had the most amazing birthday filled with everything you could have ever dreamed of and more :) This food looks absolutely sensational! My fave is that cake! Nothing says Birthday to me like a little Harry Potter fun ;)
    Thank you so very much for the kind birthday wishes! It truly touched my heart. I had an amazing day and I feel wiser to be one year older ;)
    I hope the day is treating you well and you are dreaming of new recipes to turn into artistic creations (as you always do)!