Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gluten Free Scones!!!

Here are a couple of nearly new signs I have bought...

along with some cutters...

I thought...what could be quick to make...

and came up with good ol' scones...
substituting self raising gluten free flour for regular flour to see how they would turn out...
I can't remember the last time I had a scone!!!

All ready for the oven...


and ready for jam and cream!!!
Just perfect for morning tea!!!
I'll have to wait a while now to make anything with the oven...
looking at replacing our oven as it has finally given up!!!
Let's see what happens...
Have ordered myself a birthday cake for the weekend...
Gluten Free White Chocolate and Fig soaked in Cointrea...
I'm really looking forward to this!!!


  1. Thanks for that my dear. I will try coz DH loves scone. We like to have afternoon tea on Sunday afternoon. Will look out for this brand - Hugs Nat

  2. Dzintra! What glorious photos wit a fab recipe to boot! You are REALLY COOKIN'!!! Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? I just saw it and what fun. ENJOY!! Anita

  3. Oh those scones were just delicious! NOW....come on over and have a piece of birthday cake, my birthday and that of two other great bloggers!! ENJOY! Anita

  4. Dzintra! I just got a chance to come to visit again...I am at work. Oh, your birthday is Sunday!! I must add you to the birthday celebration tonight!!! HAPPY BDAY! Isn't it fun to be a spring child? Oh are entering into winter!!! I forgot! Anyhoooo...HAVE FUN! Anita

  5. OH! KLINK, KLINK go our flutes to toast our birthdays with PINK CHAMPAGNE! Oh sweet one, tonight I must add you to my post....I have to run right now but I will because you are a special friend!!!!Bisous! Anita

  6. Hey sweet Dzintra!

    You are one of our party girls on the post!!! I finally got into the computer after my husband having it allllllllll day today for tax purposes! HAPPY BDAY!!!!! Anita

  7. They look fantastic! I always assumed scones were off limits as there was so much flour in them but they look great! :D

  8. Oh thank you dear Dzintra! It is fun sharing this occasion with you sweet lady! BISOUS and wow...that gluten-free chocolate cake on your sidebar is WONDERFUL looking!


  9. Oh my precious friend, thank you for visiting and I WISH YOU A FABULOUS CELEBRATION ALL YEAR were on the 17th, but you are on my blog and we shall forever remember this wonderful little party. Oh, please have a slice of Raspberry Chocolate cake for favorite of all time. Enjoy the weekend and bask in the love of friends and family!!!!

    Love, Anita

  10. Oh, I have to agree that raspberries are the most perfect berry on the planet, at least in my world!!! Delicate, soft, sweet, perfect with chocolate, they delight the senses! THANK YOU Dzintra for the slice of cake on your sidebar!!!! It has always been a favorite of mine everytime I come!

    Happy day sweet one! Anita

  11. You are such a dear...thank you so much! It was so much fun sharing this time with you dearest! I am in the process of trying to do my next post, but my husband wants to steal me away for the day, so I'll be back later! HAVE FUN! Anita

  12. Ah...let us stay all day in that wonderful niche with pink champagne, cheese, bread, LOTS of bread, and some grapes. I am having so much fun here in my studio, watching this very industrious and ready momma-to-be robin build her nest under my entrance overhang! My husband is intrigued with her ingenuity of using mud to secure the fibers together...only a man would think that way! However, I am charmed by her choice of materials!!!!

    Bisous, and may the afterglow of our birthdays last a lifetime...Anita

  13. Oh you dear soul...I AM still basking in the love and kindness of everyone and just the fact of being alive and well! Oh dear, it is already Tuesday for you!!!! Have a magnificent day dear one! Anita

  14. Oh Dzintra....basil every night in my recipes is a must! I grown it in pots and my husband always asks for his favorite: Basil pesto burger!

    It is a burger stuffed with goats cheese then topped with homemade basil pesto:

    parmesan cheese
    olive oil
    fresh garlic all in a food processor. AWESOME!

    Then I make a seafood stew with lots of cut up basil within. Sheer heaven!

    Have a lovely afternoon! Anita ooops..I see you are sleeping at the moment!

  15. Dzintra dearest, I am so happy that you enjoyed your carriage tour of the cottage....the tour has only begun. You are the best and I thank you for coming, ready with slippers on your feet, ready to board my carriage!!!!

    You are so much fun. Bless you, ANita

  16. And I raise my glass to you of pink bubbles...actually, today, blue bubbles! Because, I have some sparkling blueberry juice that is just out of this world, so.....TO DZINTRA and great friends!

    Bisous, ANita

  17. Hi Dzintra...
    Gorgeous layout for making gluten free they come delivered ??? Yummm
    Barb xxx

  18. Amazing job Dzintra! They look perfect! :D