Monday, November 23, 2009

Anniversary Lemon Cheesecake!!! long has it been since I've had a slice of cheesecake...especially with a gluten free base!!!

This week saw our Wedding Anniversary so I did a Cook Up with see the meal we had go over my other blog Queen of the Armchair...
Vicki and I have started to do Cook Ups together with the latest issue of Donna Hay magazine and then blog about it...I thought I would put the recipe for the Cheesecake here on My Dolce Vita...

We started off with some Maggie Beer delicious Pheasant Farm Pate...

This pate began as the simple use of our own ingredients from the Pheasant the package begins to say...and concludes makes indulgence a daily option!!!

A really smooth consistency...atop with jelly and juniper berries...a lovely tasty Pate to have on hand!!!

Started off with Rice Cookies (no gluten) for the base...

whizzed them up with some almond meal (1/2 cup) and then added some melted butter (about 5 Tablespoons)...

Beating egg white...

Adding it to beaten egg yolk and sugar...

And now I've just realized I haven't put in the pic of pouring the filling onto the base!!!

After several hours turn out...

and serve...yummy!!!


  • 1/2 vanilla bean

  • 100g sugar

  • 2 eggs

  • 250g quark (cream cheese)

  • 1/2 lemon, juice and zest

  • 4 gelatine leaves

  • 250ml cream, whipped

  • 75g almond flakes, toasted


  • Scrape out the bean and mix with half the sugar and the yolks. Whip until white

  • Whip the whites with the remaining sugar

  • Blend the quark (or other fresh cheese) with the lemon juice and zest and add to the egg yolk mixture

  • Fold in the soaked and dissolved gelatine, then fold under the whites and whipped cream

  • Pour mixture onto base and refrigerate several hours (I made it after lunch and it was ready after dinner)

  • Finish with the toasted almonds

(Recipe adapted from TAFE Training book)

I'd love to know how you go with this if you try it...Bon Appetit, Dzintra


Rich is not how much you have

or who you are

Nor even where you are going

Rich is who yhou have beside you

(From Dave Wood Calligraphy Art Gallery)


  1. Dzintra! OH WOW! O.K. I think instead of pumpkin pie for our Thanksgiving feast, I must make this cheesecake; it is my husband's absolute favorite! It is so good to see you in the saddle again! Thank you for visiting and going mushroom pickin' for our soup! Blessings to you down under, Anita

    OH! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Thanks for the yummy cheesecake recipe. It's my favorite cake. It's great with gluten free - Hugs Nat

  3. Happy Anniversary! My does that cheesecake look divine. I will have to try that. I adore lemon but no one else in our family does.

  4. It always looks so 'easy' and so much fun to make, but I already need lots of time to get the ingredients. Somehow I never find them. Then, I often don't feel like making it anymore. Or I decide to do it the next day. But the next day I somehow tend to forget it ...
    Wish you lived closer to me. Then you could show me, which I think works better (O:

  5. Dzintra!!! How nice to see you again! Oh we did have a lovely Thanksgiving! I thought of you because I made my "killer" turkey, the one I mentioned to you a while back....what a tender bird it was. AND....I had a busy week so i didn't get to buy all that I needed for the lemon cheesecake, BUT I made a crème brûlée pumpkin pie!!!! WOW. Then, yesterday, I had my very first "LIVE BLOG FRIEND ENCOUNTER!" Ulla from Ullabenulla was in town to see relatives and stopped by my home; what a charming woman and our visit was surreal! It is so fun to meet up with great people; I sure wish I could go to Australia! I would visit you in a flash and we would cook a little something together! Here is the address to the sparkling is easy as pie!

    Now you have yourself a marvelous day! Bisous, Anita

  6. I can almost taste it! Lemon is such a fab flavour. You have decorated the slice beautifully too. I must go and buy this issue. Ann :)

  7. Good afternoon Dzintra! Thank you for visiting my christmas post! Yes ma'am, pumpkin is a great treat this time of year for us and mixed in with creme brulee is a real treat! Now for Christmas, I need to make your cheesecake topped with something seasonal. I hope you are having a wonderful summer!!!

    Bisous and happy holidays, Anita

  8. Dzintra dearest! So lovely to see you again! Yes, the pumpkin crème brûlée is all in one; it is really a pumpkin pie baked at a certain temp. with just the right combination of ingredients. Would you like the recipe? email me at: and I will try to get it to you tout de suite; I am going to class tomorrow night but by later this week, I can get it for you!!! Looking forward to hearing from you, Anita

  9. Happy Anniversary Dzintra! I wish I had this Cheesecake recipe before Thanksgiving! I'd have served it right up! Mom and I made all our Thanksgiving pies gluten-free, and everyone loved them! They even thought the crust was better than the regular flour ones... a big winner this year! I'm going to have to figure out how to convert recipes now... or just come on over here and get yours! LOL! Well ok, I always come here and try yours! They're always delicious!!! Have a lovely summer weekend... we're freezing here! Australia is the perfect place to be right now! (:

  10. yum!

    i found out earlier this year that rice cookies may contain gluten though - have alook at the nutrtional info on the back :( it's all through processing not ingredients though.