Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding with Anglaise Sauce...Gluten Free version!!!

A little while ago Clarity saw on my other blog Queen of the Armchair one of the meals prepared at College and requested the recipe for the Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding (with Anglaise Sauce)...
Hop on over to Clarity's blog if you get a chance...and check out her Wonderland...a wonderfully serene one to read!!!
Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding with Anglaise Sauce as prepared at College...
I have adapted this version to a gluten-free version...
and I will take you through the steps that I did...
which is basically following the recipe and instead of using Self Raising Flour I substitued it for Gluten Free Self Raising Flour...and it worked a treat!!!
Since being diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance...I can't remember when I last had a pudding!!!
I can see many more puddings coming up!!!

First of all...soak Diced Dried Apricots in Brandy...
I reckon you could also substitute this with Orange Juice!!!

After creaming the Butter and Sugar followed by eggs add Milk and SR Flour alternately...

Grease and line pan with Sugar...
I don't have pudding moulds like in the pudding pic above...I used this new pink pie dish in a Bain-Marie...
By this time DH had arrived home from work and took this pic...pouring the mix into the dish...

All set to go...

into the oven...

At which time then DH thought it was about time for a glass of wine...
While sipping away...we're wondering...is this going to work in a dish???

Of course it is!!!
How happy are we...it took a bit longer than the recipe called for...
Being a Gluten Free one it is probably a little more dense than one made with regular flour...
Pour Golden Syrup over...

and we're very happy with it!!!
Hubby said it was very tasty (could it be the extra Brandy LOL!!!)...
Served with extra Brandied Apricots and a Gluten Free Custard...I'm in Pudding Heaven!!!
Serves 10
175g butter
175g sugar
1 orange, zest
3 eggs
75ml milk
250g flour, self raising
25g dried apricots
15ml brandy
25ml golden syrup
5 strawberries
  • Prepare moulds by brushing with butter and lining with sugar
  • Cream butter and sugar...add zest
  • Beat the eggs and add slowly
  • Add milk alternately with the flour
  • Add soaked apricots
  • Stir in half the golden syrup
  • Pipe into dariole moulds, 3/4 of the way up
  • Steam for 20m or cook au bain-marie at 180c
  • Remove when cooked and pour remaining syrup over to soak it in
  • Serve with Sauce Anglaise, Brandied Apricots and Berries...
    (Recipe from the Futura Series of books)
And here's a Pudding of a different sort...pop on over to Gum Tree Designers for their latest freebie Christmas Pattern!!!

Happy Cooking, Happy Stitching and Bon Appetit...Dzintra


  1. Oh Dzintra, this is a killer recipe! You are providing me with a lot of ideas for cooking and for posting. I want to start now!!! During the week however, I have no time to post, but for sure, this weekend I am going to start blogging on some favorites. I also want to try this beautiful one of yours!!! Happy cooking, and eating!!! Take care, Anita

  2. Another mouthwatering deserts and recipe to share. Thanks very much. I have made a few things from your recipe - Hugs Nat

  3. Looks fantastic! I'm sending this to my GF friends! :)

  4. Oh Dzintra, this is amazing!!! I'm going to make it too! Since finding out that I'm also gluten intolerant, I'm on the hunt for recipes! xx Vicki
    PS: Extra Brandy should always be the norm! LOL

  5. I will have to make that one too Dzintra. Joe would love it!

  6. You darling darling, called me back to the blogsphere with your beautiful recipe!

    Thank you so much - I am "meming" you soon.

    I knew it would be a hit and so mouthwatering to look at again - peace, love, X