Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lemon, Thyme and White Wine Chicken...Cook Up With Vicki!!!

Candlelight in the adoining room...
I have come over from my other blog Queen of the Armchair with a recipe from my Cook Up with Vicki

Every issue Vicki and I choose a recipe, cook it and then blog it...
Anyone who would like to join us...
do as we do...
choose a recipe from the current issue and then blog about it...Easy!!!

This month I have chosen Lemon, Thyme and White Wine Chicken...

All in the pot...8 chicken on...bone in
2 brown onions...quartered
1 lemon...sliced
6 cloves garlic...unpeeled
10 sprigs thyme
1/4 C (60ml) olive oil
1/2 C (125ml) dry white wine
1 and 1/2 C (375ml) chicken stock

Pre heat oven 180c (355F)
Place chicken, onion, lemon, garlic, thyme and oil in a bowl and toss to combine
Heat a large heavy based saucepan over high heat
Cook thicken, onion, lemon, garlic and thyme in batches for 3-4m each side or until golden.
Set aside and keep warm
Add the wine to the pan and cook for 30 seconds, scraping the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon
Add chicken and stock to the pan and bring to boil
Roast in oven 30-35m...with lid on...or until chicken is cooked through.

Served with Jacket Parsley Potatoes and a Salad!!!
Very easy...and very yummy!!!
If you get a chance do pop over to Vicki's and see what she has been up to...
especially in that fabulous garden of hers in the beach too!!!


  1. Really, Dzintra, I get hungry when I see this. And so nicely displayed. You should have added the bottle of wine. It had such a pretty label.

  2. Yummie, can I come for dinner? I am considering moving to the Bay just so I can get invite to dinner at your house - Hugs Nat

  3. You make everything you touch look so delicious! I really must learn more about presentation. And I know right where to learn it too... from you! It looks divine Dzintra! I'll be right over! (: xx Vicki

  4. That's a wonderful recipe, and I will try it this weekend. I have all of the ingredients, and it does look easy. Joe loves chicken, so this one is perfect!

  5. An incredibly simple dish but spectacular none the less. A wonderful combination of flavours. I suspect it will become a firm favourite. Ann :)

  6. Oh dearest one! I will keep this in mind! I am going to put you on my bloglist....I am trying to keep up with everyone, but you are too sweet and talented to miss! LOVE ALL THE PICTURES! Yes, I am going to do a cooking post soon. See you then! Anita

  7. Yeah! Your comment means a lot to me, especially today! I am getting hungry just looking at this beautiful food of yours! Anita

  8. Do you roast with the lid on or off? Thanks, Soph